Activists dey tok say make dem decriminalise sex work

Ashawo workers Image copyright PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP/Getty Images

Sex workers whether dem be ashawo or any name dem dey call dem for your side dey face plenty palava as dem dey hustle.

Dis one no be news like dat; for plenty country sef anybody wey dey do ashawo work fit get serious wahala with government.

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Sex workers dem be human beings

Every March 3, na day wey dem dey look into sex workers matter.

Di International Sex Worker Rights Day start for 2001 wen 25,000 sex workers join-body do 'we no go gree' for one festival for India by di Unstoppable Women's Synthesis Committee.

My customers dey Abuja, Lagos, Zamfara - Sex toys merchant

"E good to regulate sex work "- Human Rights Lawyer

Di theme for dis year be: 'we are one, respect our rights;' and dis one dey ground because e be like say society don condemn people wey dey do sex work even though dem be human being.

BBC News Pidgin tori person Abdulmalik Fahd Abdulmalik, talk to lawyer and rights advocate on di matter and why di day dey very important.

Image copyright Denis Nzioka
Image example Denis Nzioka dey talk say make dem remove any style-style law to punish sex workers

Denis Nzioka wey be Programmes Manager at African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA) for Kenya talk say: 'We no dey support any form of criminalisation of ashawo work by anybody - di people wey dey pay for am (clients), dia mama and papa, friends even third parties like brothel keepers, receptionists, maids, drivers, landlords, hotels wey dey rent rooms to sex workers and anybody wey dey help di sex work hustle.'

'If e dey legal, na im be say government dey handle am and e go get some kain conditions like by-force registration, or HIV and STIs testing, and even say make dem pay tax.

Nzioka talk say because say dem dey see sex work as crime, e dey affect as people fit treat disease like HIV plus e dey add to stigma wey dey affect people wey dey do dis kain work.

Jake Okechukwu wey be Nigerian human rights lawyer and founder of di lawyer league for minorities for Nigeria talk say di rights of sex workers na right wey suppose dey sake of say dem be human being.

'Sex workers rights be human rights'

Im talk say no be say dem don turn March 3 to 'happy birthday to sex workers,' but di thing be say because say people no too respect sex workers, dem dey suffer bad-bad things like ritual killings, and different kain violence.

'Researchers don talk am sef say, once poverty day, sex work go dey…e no make sense make we dey punish sex workers, as e no dey help anything,' as Okechukwu dey talk about how Nigeria government fit help di matter of sex work.

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'Women rights and health workers suppose chook mouth for dis matter sake of say di health of one person, go guarantee di health of di remaining.'

'Make dem consider populations wey dey at risk to all kinds of sexual abuses; whether dem dey stand for road o dem dey dia house, make government arrange policy wey go ensure say sex workers dey protected - na di authorities supposed dey protect dem, no be say na dem go dey increase human right abuses.'

Wetin fit change

For many African homes, to dey talk of sex na taboo, but Nzioka talk say:

'We need to dey continue education and sex-rehabilitation, as many people be victims of wetin dem don teach dem from wen dem be pickin to school and even environment we grow up.'

Im see say na only change for di way people dey see sex like say na bad thing, fit change am to something wey people fit talk, experience and learn from am.

'Sex no dey shameful; body no be firewood; dem dey pay person for work. Noraml family dem gats to talk about sex matter, masturbation, all di things wey di body dey do and even as e dey affect person for mind, and make shame no dey.'

Di issue of sex work no be just about di sex, but also about di work, say some people choose to do am.

Nzioka still talk wetin Okechukwu talk say sex workers rights be human rights. Period!

Im talk say make civil society no think say dem fit choose which kain right dem wan fight for - women rights, LGBTQ, and sex workers rights, make dem join -body say dem dey fight for everybody freedoms no matter dia status, religion, health, HIV status, orientation, religion, or politics.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori