Anglophone Crisis: Group di call for direct government and Anglophone leaders dialogue

Cameroon, Africa, Elections Image copyright SEYLLOU/AFP/Getty Images)

International Crisis Group don tok say de fight between Anglophone separatists and security forces for Northwest and Southwest don kill 28 pipo for all side.

"For northwest and Southwest regions security forces di continue for clash with Anglophone separatists and dey di attack civilians and separatist fit attack more for senatorial elections for March 25," International Crisis Group di warn.

De group make de remark after dia crisis watch, as dey shine eye for de security situation put die pipo dem and all thing weh e pass for de two regions dem for book for February 2018.

De group tok about new separatist group, Banso resistance army, Donga and Mantung liberation forces and de pro-independence group weh e warn say election no go dey for Anglophone regions. And kidnappings dem.

For dem, direct dialogue between government and Anglophone community leaders dem go fit calm de crisis especially before presidential elections for October.

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