WHO don send alarm say fake antibiotics di circulate for Cameroon

Augmentin Image copyright MIRANDA, Thiago Moura
Image example WHO say dis na de fake Augmentin

De World Health Organisation, WHO don sound alert say fake Augmentin, antibiotics di circulate for roadside dem for Cameroon.

Falsified version for Augmentin (Amoxycillin + clavulanate potassium) dey for Cameroon, WHO alert for 2 March di read.

WHO say dey bi get information for early January from one NGO say patients dem di buy de antibiotics for roadside for Cameroon economic capital Douala, and dey go testam for laboratory.

De result weh e komot na say de package for de fake drug look almost de same laik de original drug weh GSK GlaxoSmithline manufacture. Dis manufacturer don deny say no bi yi manufacture de drug, some mistake dey for de writing for package and active ingredient no dey for de fake drug.

WHO say make pipo dem dey careful for clinic, pharmacies, wholesalers and distributors dem, hospital and for de drug supply chain.

Dey di warn pipo dem weh dey fit get de drug say make de no take'am and for person weh dey don take'am and get side effect, make dey report for hospital dem.

Dr Pierre Yves Bassong, president for medical doctor dia trade union don tok say Health Ministry suppose investigate tell kontri pipo where de fake drug komot.

E say plenty actors dem dey for de supply chain and no bi de first taim fake drug di circulate for Cameroon. Fake Fluconazole bi dey public hospitals dem for Northwest and nobody tok, Dr Bassong add.

Cameroon di plan for put system for control generic drugs dem and World Bank fit also put post for marketing and surveillance for helep de situation.

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