Ghana: Blue-eyed toddlers turn photo models against claims dem be “cursed”
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Blue-eyed pikin dem turn photo models against claims dem be “cursed”

Two Ghanaian pikin dem born with blue eyes sake of one kain genetic disorder dema call Waardenburg syndrome, go viral for social media after den take up modelling to raise money for treatment give hearing loss wey dem get, before dem go chop age three.

BBC Pidgin Reporter Favour Nunoo visit see Florence Ziniel, mother of 23 month old Chogtaa who reveal some people for demma family den community brand in daughter as “cursed” while others too talk say di blue eyes in child get be sake of she get gonorrhoea while she dey preg.

Di pickin dem come do photoshoot sessions with Ghanaian photo model, Chogtaa den Miracle go viral.

Dem enjoy massive show of love, people start dey make contributions to help cover dema medical expenses in exchange for education on Waardenburg as a syndrome insteaf of say menerz go see am as a curse.

Waardenburg syndrome dey affect 1 in 40,000 people di world over, while some people no dey get side effects others dey suffer from mild to severe hearing loss den skin discoloration all.

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