How Benin Republic rice import from Thailand take affect Nigeria


On Sunday 5 March, Nigeria Minister of Information and Culture - Lai Mohammed talk say Thailand don begin move to arrange rice mills inside Nigeria.

Oga Mohammed talk say rice growers for Thailand dey beg federal government of Nigeria because "we don stop to dey import from dem."

But di question wey dey di lips of plenty pipo be say why Thailand go wan put rice mill for inside Nigeria wen e be say for 2017, dem record high export of rice to Benin republic, wey dey share border with Nigeria.

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Image example Workers for Asia Golden Rice export company dey load one ship with 1000 tons of rice wey dem wan carry go Africa

According to di information from Thai rice exporter association, Benin Republic na im receive di highest amount of rice wey Thailand export go oda countries with about 1,811,164 metric tonnes for 2017, wey be over 42 million bags of rice. E dey followed by China, South Africa and Cameroon while Nigeria dey number 49 for di list. Di numba of pipo wey dey Benin Republic according to one estimate from 2016, na about ten million pipo.

As e be so, most of di rice wey Thailand dey export go Benin Republic fit dey end up for Nigeria as rice smugglers dey take advantage of di way di border between di two counties dey too open without tight security to carry dis rice enter. Upon say di federal government of Nigeria don ban pipo make dem no import rice through land borders since March 2016, many smugglers dey use di borders wey no too tight, take carry rice enta.

Between January and September 2016 alone, di Nigeria Customs Service seize 5.85 million kilogrammes of rice wey pipo smuggle through di land borders. Dis dey equal to 117,000 bags for 50kg packages.

Between January and June 2017 alone, Nigeria Customs Service seize plenty-plenty smuggle rice, 1,156 times.

According to findings, all dis one wey custom seize na small compare to di real amount of rice wey dis smugglers dey hide carry go Nigerian market.

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