Kenya doctors dey strike on top brain surgery mistake

Doctors wey dey protest for Kenya. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Last year, all di doctors for Kenya do strike for three months, dey demand say dem want beta pay

More dan 500 senior doctors for Kenyatta National Hospital for Kenya no gree work again afta dem suspend one doctor wey do brain surgery for di wrong patient.

Sammy Oroko wey be di chairman of di doctors union talk say di suspension wey dem give di doctor wey open di wrong patient head, na just hurry hurry punishment wey no fit solve di main wahala for Kenya health sector.

Dem also suspend three other health workers wey follow do di surgery.

Di striking doctors want make dem call back dia fellow doctor wey dem suspend before dem go call off di strike.

Dis strike fit affect people life as di hospital dey receive pass 3,000 patients every day.

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