Lagos Land Use Charge: Why your house rent fit increase

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Image example Many land owners for Lagos no dey pay dis Land Use Charge

To get your own house mean say you don arrive, you no go dey suffer to pay heavy house rent again but dis no be di case for Lagos Sate, Nigeria.

For 8 February dis year, Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode sign new law wey make di Land Use Charge for di state increase by over 200%.

Land Use Charge na di money wey government dey tax pipo wey get property for Lagos.

Plenty organisations and landlords for di state begin complain say di money too much, make government reduce am.

One landlord for di state wey talk im name as just Dominic tell BBC News Pidgin say na N120,000 im dey pay as Land Use Charge every year for im three bedroom bungalow but with dis new bill, na almost N400,000 im go dey pay every year.

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"Na di tenants go suffer am"

Fowokan Adetayo, one Estate Surveyor wey feel say di new charge no get any head. Im tell BBC News Pidgin say im dey sure say pipo go fight government to reduce di money but if e no work, na di tenants go suffer am.

Nigerians for social media don alreadi dey para for governor Ambode unto di increase.

Before now, na local governments for di state dey pay di money under di Tenement law but after di government change am to Land Use Charge, dem transfer di tax give land owners.

Government suppose dey use di money take do development projects like roads, gutter and water for di state wey go make di value of di property dey increase. But Adetayo say government no dey use di money do anything instead pipo go still dey join money to put coal tar for dia roads, do dia own gutter come even pay for dia own security after dem don pay Land Use Charge.

"For areas like Lekki, na dem dey pay one of di highest charges but dem no get good road for dia streets, no light, dia water no even clean... So wetin government dey use di Land Use Charge for?" Dis na wetin Adetayo talk.

Im dey predict say from next year, house rent for Lagos go increase no be small.

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