Al-Shabab say make nobodi play football for some field inside Mogadishu

Pipo dey watch ball for small football area Image copyright AFP
Image example Football na di most popular sport for Somalia

Al-Shabab militants for Somalia don order say make more than 20 private football field close down for three areas for di capital, Mogadishu.

Di stadiums wey dey Karaan, Yaqshid and Heliwaa district, do as di militant group order, BBC Ferdinand Omondi bin report.

Dis na demand wey dem bring come inside meeting between some of di stadium managers and al-Shabab leaders for Tora Torow, Lower Shabelle Regions.

Di government and managers neva confam say dis kain order even come from di group but pipo for Somalia say nobodi dey play ball for di stadiums.

Na di government of Somalia dey control Mogadishu, but local pipo know say al-Shabab na group to fear because dem get informants among pipo dem.

Di militants dey try to force Islamic way for Somalia, and reject anything wey resemble western culture like sports and entertainment.

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