"People suppose know say I dey work" - Buhari

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Image example Taraba State dey for north-east Nigeria

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday say make people no expect say im go always go out to where palava don happen for di country because im dey always get report for Abuja.

Buhari dey talk for Jalingo, Taraba State capital on Monday, during im condolence visit with di government and di pipo wey dia family die inside attack, where im say im get im own "way of getting information on all di palava and kill-kill for di country."

"As President, I get pipo wey dey give me information on things wey happen across di country and make pipo no expect say I go always dey comot to dey make noise and do Nigerians like say dem no get sense before dem know say I dey work ontop di kill-kill mata", talk Buhari.

Image example Mambilla Plateau na where di recent attack happen

At least 10 people don die on top di fight-fight between Fulani herdsmen and farmers for Mambilla Plateau wey dey Sardauna local government area for Taraba between last week Thursday and Sunday 4 2018.

Many pipo still dey surprise after di president declare say di "number of pipo wey die for di Mambilla kill-kill pass di one for Benue and Zamfara states".

"I go go Benue and Zamfara after I come back from Ghana to also condole with di people," im talk.

For di meeting, wey last pass two hours, Buhari give word to di traditional rulers to find ways to settle di palava for di state.

Im talk say peace and security no be responsibility of government alone but everybodi own.

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Image example Buhari promise to make hand of justice fall on top pipo wey dey kill anyhow for Nigeria

"Governor Darius Ishaku no go dey here forever. We go go after our term don finish, but na una go always dey here with di we-we pipo.

"So, I dey order you to go back and find way to settle palava for una area. Go and give your pipo justice so as for peace to reign.

But, no di kain word wey many local pipo dey expect to here from dia president be dis.

One person wey dey represent di Yangdang Cultural Association, for di town Dr Afraid Kobiba, wey follow Punch tori pipo talk, say im shock over wetin di President talk.

"I no know where im get im information from, but I think say wetin dem tell am about di palava for Taraba State no correct" im talk.

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