Rex Tillerson: US go give $533M to some African countries

Rex Tillerson Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Tillerson dey expected to talk security and trade mata for im Africa trip

As Rex Tillerson wey be di US secretary of state dey arrange to visit five African countries, im don talk say di US don set $533m as aid to help Somalia, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Lake Chad.

Dem go use dis money for emergency food, water and health.

Oga Tillerson go travel reach Chad, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Kenya where e go do meeting with dia presidents plus meet with di oga of di African Union.

US officials don talk say im travel no be just to do join-bodi for economy mata but also to chook eye inside democracy and government.

Even as Tillerson suppose chook mouth inside terrorism and trade mata, e be like say im go try say 'sorry' to African countries after US president Donald Trump bin call dem 'shithole' for January.

Tillerson bin talk say im no like di way China dey put hand for Africa economy sake of say e go make di countries turn to beggar and China fit finish di continent natural resources.

Di US Secretary wan investment wey make brain and dey support free markets.

Im also talk say make African countries no join hand with North Korea at all-at all.

Tillerson talk say US go continue to help fight corruption and promote transparency for Africa.

Dis money wey dem donate na one of Trump administration first major policy announcement for African nations.

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