Lagos fit be most peaceful place for business but...

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Image example Di new Land Use Charge fit affect shop rent for Lagos

Big business man, Aliko Dangote don talk say Lagos State na di most peaceful wey anybodi fit do business for Nigeria.

Dangote claim say no be advert im dey do for Lagos but if pipo go try oda states, na hell dem go see.

Im ginger pipo to dey pay dia tax make di Lagos State government dey see money do projects for dem.

Governor Ambode bin tell property owners for di state make dem welcome di new Land Use Charge wey im just increase by over 200%.

Lagos State fit dey peaceful to do business for di eye of Dangote, but some wahala dey wey business pipo fit face for di state.

Expensive shop rent

You go need to cough out around one million naira to almost 12 million naira just to rent office space. Dis na di kain prices we see for most of di property websites for Lagos. On top dat one, many traders for Yaba market, Lagos, don dey cry out say dem no get moni to rent shop inside di mighty Tejuosho shopping centre wey government use replace di small-small shops wey dis traders bin dey before dem break all of dem down. Na for road most of dis traders dey sell dia market now.

Plenty tax

Company Income tax, Value Added tax, Education tax, na some of di plenty tax wey business owners dey pay for most Nigerian states but for Lagos, dem no dey use tax collection play at all. Many business owners dey also complain say dem dey pay some tax more dan once under different organisations.

Heavy traffic

Traffic for Lagos roads no be beans. Di hours wey business owners dey waste inside traffic na time wey dem fit use sell dia market.

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