Ghana Anti-Corruption: ''President Buhari no fit give wetin in no get''

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Image example President Buhari na Special Guest of Honour for Ghana 61st Independence anniversarry

Di Head for Transparency International, Nigeria don tell BBC say Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari no fit give wetin im no get.

Dis na after President Buhari bin promise to support di fight against corruption for neighbouring Ghana.

Mr. Auwal Rafsanjani talk say even though Nigeria government dey active on top anti-corruption mata, dem no get any big case dem fit show as good result of all di fight-fight dem don do till now.

President Buhari, wey be di Special Guest of Honour for Ghana 61st Independence Anniversary, promise say im go help Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo fight corruption for Ghana reach level sotay, Ghana government go clean like say dem use soap and water wash am.

Rafsanjani feel say di mouth Buhari use talk dis kain talk na because im na di official anti-corruption ambassador for African Union.

Rafsanjani talk say, ''I believe say na di new assignment wey African Union give President Buhari as di person wey go lead di fight against corruption for Africa ginger am to make dis kain promise, because e no fit be dis kain big-big corruption wey dey happen inside im own backyard fit motivate am.''

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Image example President Buhari and President Akufo-Addo

President Buhari na comedian

Both Nigerians and Ghanaians don shook mouth enter dis mata for social media.

Many of dem dey laugh wetin President Buhari talk, say im be joker.

Nigeria corrupt pass Ghana - Transparency International

One of di things people for social media dey use to wire President Buhari na one tori wey Transparency International announce just last week, wey talk show say corruption for Nigeria for 2017, worse pass Ghana own for di same 2017.

Transparency International dey score kontries every year for how experts dey see corruption levels and according to di report, any score below 50 dey show serious corruption for di country.

Di report show say Nigeria carry 148 position out of 180 kontries wey dem chook eye for dis year.

Even though Ghana drop from 11 places from 2016 result, dia 2017 position, wey be 81 out of 180 countries for di Corruption Perception index better pass Nigeria own.

Garba Shehu, di senior special assistant to President Buhari for media and publicity, answer back dis report when im talk say di report no make brain at all and na ''political distraction''.

Shehu talk say, ''Nigeria don dey try face corruption matter for di country, on top all dia campaign and work.''

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Image example President Buhari wan Ibrahim Magu to become di main Chairman for EFCC but Nigerian Senate never give approval.

Nigeria dey fight corruption

Supporters of di Nigeria government, and dem plenty, wey no gree with dis report get plenty examples of how government bin dey fight corruption.

For one, di Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) don get new teeth wey strong under di leadership of acting Chairman Ibrahim Magu.

Magu don use EFCC drag plenty big men dem go court including former senior military officers, ministers, governors, senior civil servants, supreme court judges and other important government officials.

But some experts dey say di fight against corruption dey one side because na opposition party members EFCC dey target pass.

One thing wey sure be say, EFCC fit don ginger Ghana to copy dia style and start dia own anti-corruption agency.

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Image example Parliament don approve Martin Amidu

Martin Amidu, Ghana anti-corruption saviour?

Members of Parliament for Ghana don endorse Martin Amidu as Special Prosecutor for anti-corruption.

Di Office of di Special Prosecutor na one of President Nana Akufo-Addo campaign promise to fight corruption for Ghana.

Amidu go get independent power to investigate anybody wey dey corrupt and dis appointment dey jolli Ghanaians wey don complain for years how things just dey bad more and more.

President Buhari use Tuesday Independence celebration congratulate di country over di introduction of Special Prosecutor Bill.

Im talk say di Office of di Special Prosecutor show say Ghana make ready say e go fight corruption for public service.

Many people go talk say dis na di only thing wey Buhari fit do on top anti-corruption for Ghana for now.

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