Benue Killings: Dem go do anoda mass burial for 24 pipo wey die

Woman dey cry for mass burial for Benue State Image copyright Getty Images
Image example For January, Benue do mass burial after 73 people die for herdsmen attack

Di Benue State Police Command say dem don arrest four suspects for di herdsmen killing of 24 wey happen for Omusu Edimoga community.

Dem also talk say di herdsmen burn some houses for di attack.

Benue State governor Samuel Ortom don follow put mouth on top di kill-kill, say di mass burial for pipo wey die go happen on Friday, 17 March. Na im media adviser, Tahav Agerzua talk dis one.

Di council chairman for di local government, Olofu Ogwuche na im talk on top di matter as im bin dey show di governor di community wey di katakata happen on Tuesday.

Di governor and di members of di state security council bin enter Omusu Edimoga community to look wetin happen personally.

Ogwuche talk say di matter start when some herdsmen bin report give im council say some of dem cow miss. As dem bin dey talk di matter na im dem hear say di herdsmen don enter di village, kill people.

Im say di herdsmen bin enter di community between 2pm to 3pm for Monday.

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