Cameroon: Police don stop Camtel director, odas for leave de kontri

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Police don send alert for airport, port, borders, di stop Cameroon Telecommunications - Camtel Director David Nkoto Emane and odas make dey no komot for knotri.

"kindly stop dem for komot for national territory: David Nkoto Emane, Camtel Director; Richard Maga, assistant director; Enow Kenneth Agbor, former director for finance and budget; Nganou Boris Judicael, coordinator for MCM programme; Dieutoss Evariste, former director for human resources; Tsaam Gah Marcelin, engineer for contracts; Assouzo'o Benjamin Gerard, chief of service for contracts and Mfou'ou Jean Claude, auditor".

Na so de message weh delegate for National Security, Mbarga Nguele komot di read. After dis message collaborator for de Camtel Boss weh e no want make we put e name tell BBC News Pidgin say dey nova notify dem.

Dis message weh e di stop Camtel workers for komot for kontri kam after weh Supreme State Audit bi conduct for investigation for February, as police boss tok for e message.

De suspicion say mismanagement bi fit dey Camtel start for 2016 when de state audit bi publish some document weh e bi condemn de way wey de director bi di use tax payer dia money for some kain unclear way and with plenty mago-mago.

Some media house tell BBC News Pidgin say as dey see name for Gerald Asouzo'o weh e bi among de pipo weh no fit leave de country, deh no hide dia joy as dey say de man chop dia money for advert when de Biyik brothers bi organise jubilee.

Cameroon bi launch operation sparrow hawk for catch pipo weh deh mismanage public funds and na for dis premise weh de alert for police di kam.

Kontri pipo know say when dey don tok say person no fit travel out of the kontri again e mean say de next journey go fit bi na for Kondengui prison.

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