Good speeches no dey build nation - Ghanaians jab President Akufo-Addo

Akufo Addo Image copyright Nduka Orjinmo

People start dey bore plus di so-so speeches wey President Akufo-Addo dey give, dem say good speeches alone no dey build nation make Ghanaians start dey see action.

Speeches no dey do 'foko' like Ghana for get one man, three jobs, like government in proposed one district one factory program, now "Ghana beyond Aid."

President Akufo-Addo re-iterate for di 61st Independence Anniversary celebrations say di "Ghana beyond Aid" theme no be just talk, e dey require right attitudes den commitment from citizens, who dey do di right thing.

But Ghanaians no dey want spare Nana Addo dis time, as social media start dey jab am say make he too stop di speeches den act.

Some Ghanaians wey BBC Pidgin engage plus during di celebrations talk say di "Ghana beyond Aid" slogan no dey mean foko, sake of countries like America saf dey depend on aid from China. What dem dey need now be policy implementations wey go create better opportunity give Ghanaians.

Ghanaians no make impressed about di 61st Independence Anniversary celebrations sake of be like things no dey work proper for di country.

Di sentiments chaw for social media, but one point be say di young generation for Ghana no be very impressed with di development levels for di country.

In spite of di nice speeches wey President Akufo-Addo dey give which dey show di mind he get for Ghana, be like say di talk come make plenty pass action.

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