South Africa neighbours no want im packaged meat again

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Image example Dem don remove packaged meat dem from plenty shops for South Africa

Some countries for southern Africa don ban packaged meat from South Africa after dem see say e get hand inside di listeria poisoning wey dey hammer di country.

Government chook eye come find out say na di sausage wey dem dey call polony dey cause di food poisoning outbreak.

Dia investigation show say na from one factory for di northern city of Polokwane wey dey make enterprise food dem na im di listeria bacteria come from.

After South Africa ban am, countries like Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, Botswana and Zambia too follow, stop to dey import packaged meat from South Africa.

Na since last year 2017 dem don dey record listeria poisoning for South Africa, but e take dem like one year to get wetin dey cause di outbreak.

Join bodi ontop health mata, World Health Organisation talk say di listeria outbreak for SA na di biggest one wey dem go ever record for around di world.

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Image example Sabi people draw ear give South Africa government say dem no quick trace di cause of di outbreak.

Wetin be listeriosis ?

Person fit catch listeria from food wey get di bacteria or if you come in close contact with farm animals dem.

Listeria too fit dey inside food wey dem package.

High temperature, to dey vomit and go toilet na part of di symptoms of listeria although most people wey get no dey get symptoms.

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