Sierra Leone election: 5 things you suppose know

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Sierra Leoneans dey vote for new leaders. This one include president and people for parliament.

President Ernest Bai Koroma no fit contest again after im don do two terms of five-five years.

Di West African country dey among one of di poorest for di world and dem don suffer plenty - people die for di mudslide wey happen last year, Ebola bin kill plenty people before and di country sef don suffer civil war wey kill more than 50,000 people.

Dis na di things wey you suppose know about Saro land as people dey choose who dia new leaders go be.

1. Voters don set new record

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Sierra Leone na small country and dia population no reach 8 million people. So e surprise people say di country set new record as 3.1 million people register to vote for dis election.

2. 'Mr 10 percent'

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Samura Kamara na di candidate of di ruling All People's Congress (APC) and na president Koroma take im own hand choose am imsef.

Saro people nickname Kamara 'Mr 10 percent' because some dey accuse am say im dey collect ten percent on top government contract.

3. Opposition candidate wan rule...again

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Di opposition Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP) dey present di same candidate, Julius Maada Bio, wey dem present before wey loose to di current president for 2012.

To be di top oga for Sierra Leone no be new thing for Bio because na im be military head of state for 1996.

Some voters dey accuse am say im thief $18 million dat time.

4. North vs South...again?

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E be like say elections for Africa dey always follow religion or tribe. E no different for Sierra Leone.

Di ruling APC stand gidigba for di north wey di Temme people dey and di main opposition party SLPP hold di south with Mende ethnic group.

5. China get hand inside?

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President Koroma wey im tenure dey finish don rely on China well-well to develop di country and help build things like new airport and road. But some people dey worry say China fit wan try to make dis election favour Mr Koroma party.

Di Institute for Governance Reform (IGR), one Freetown organization wey dey use sense reason mata, talk say Chinese companies and political officials don blend enter di election system and dey use style decide wetin people suppose dey talk about and wetin go happen for future as e concern economy and politics.

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