Cameroon 2018 Elections: Elecam don komot lists for senatorial elections

Woman voter dey do fingerprint for ELECAM machine Image copyright Getty Images

Elections Cameroon komot lists for de party and candidate dem weh de go stand for senatorial elections for March 25

Elecam approve 36 lists from de 42 weh weh nine party dem bi submit, reject five lists, Enow Abrahams Egbe, Board Chairman for Elections Cameroon announce for media yesterday.

From de list dem, na de ruling party, Cameroon Peoples Democratic Party, CPDM and Union Nationale pour la Democratie et le Progress, UNDP get list for all de ten regions dem.

Main opposition party, Social Democratic Front, SDF, get na five lists dem, Elecam reject dia other five lists say dey get irregularity and de party yi sef withdraw one list. For de oda remaining six party dem, na 11 lists dem all get.

As e dey for electoral code, party dem weh Elecam reject dia list get 10 days for submit their appeal for Constitutional Council. Dis council be start work two days ago when National Assembly bi swear dem in.

For cover de elections as e dey for law, President for Communication Council go tell media weti and how dey get for proceed tomorrow for briefing.

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