Nigeria: Who VAIDS tax amnesty epp?

Nigeria Finance minister Kemi Adeosun Image copyright VAIDS
Image example Di tax amnesty programme dey on since July 2017

According to di join bodi ontop tax matter for Nigeria, Joint Tax Board (JTB), as at May 2017, inside di 69.9 million people wey dey make money for Nigeria, na only 14 million dey pay tax.

Dis one make am so dat di money wey Nigeria dey make from tax no reach wetin some African countries like Ghana and South Africa dey make even though Nigeria population pass dia own by far.

Di tax wey people dey pay for Nigeria no rhyme with di kain life plenty people dey live and di kain property wey dem get all over di world and according to di federal government, dis on get hand inside why Nigeria dey underdeveloped.

To take advantage of how di world dey join bodi to handle people wey dey dodge tax and hide illegal money na im Nigeria take come up with tax amnesty programme Voluntary Assets and Income Declaration Scheme (VAIDS) for July 2017.

Image copyright VAIDS
Image example Nigeria government say dem get name of more than 100,000 top people wey no dey tax compliant

Wetin be VAIDS?

Dis na amnesty programme but ontop tax.

From July 2017 to March 2018 citizens get di opportunity to own up, declare and sort out dia tax matter and in return federal government go forgive dem and dem get di assurance also say dem no go go prison ontop say dem no pay tax before.

For Nigeria, you fit spend 5 years for prison if you no pay your tax.

VAIDS na programme to also help people know about tax and why dem must comply.

So who e epp?

Since dem start di waka last year, government talk say people don declare 20 billion Naira and dem don receive pass 200 applications.

According to sabi person, Financial Analyst Nnaemeka Obiaraeri, di programme na solid one and na win-win for both government and citizens too

"Dis scheme na one wey fit work well-well, make government employ consultants to make am work. Di people wey dey pay tax no plenty and government need to reach di people wey no dey pay; business people dem wey nobody get dia data."

"VAIDS go ensure financial inclusion, we suppose encourage am, drive am to make am work"

Nigeria go soon start 'name and shame' for people wey no pay tax

'We fit punish big oga madam wey no dey pay tax' - Nigeria tax authority

Nnaemeka also talk say government suppose collabo with telecommunication companies dem to get data of people to know who dey pay and who no dey comply to take track dem down.

"Telecommunication firms fit help, every adult wey get line wey dey registered suppose fit pay tax no matter how small, so VAIDS fit work if government reason am to work with telecommunication company dem to get di Nigerians wey register, use am track dem. E go work well if dem even include BVN for di registration of di line dem,"

"Government also fit use BVN , if you get asset now, if dem attach your BVN ontop dem fit use am track you."

Nnaemeka also encourage Nigerians to do dia own part.

"One of di argument wey Nigerians dey make na say dem no dey see wetin dia tax dey work for dem, na dem dey provide dia own water, road, light but e no suppose stop dem, na win-win situation for everybody if dem pay dia tax and government use am develop di country e go better for everybody."

"Make government use di religion leaders dem, traditional rulers to talk to dia people to comply."

According to Nnaemeka, Nigeria na goldmine and if government put di right structure dem for ground, e fit become one of di top economy for di next ten years.

Im also want make government increase di tax amnesty time by three months.

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