US don draw Africa ear about borrow-borrow money from China

US secretary of state-Rex Tillerson say make Africa countries dey careful wen dem dey accept loan from China. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example US secretary of state Rex Tillerson say make Africa countries dey careful about China

Di secretary of state for United State of America - Rex Tillerson don draw ear again give African countries about di danger wey dey ground if dem dey receive loans from China.

Oga Tillerson dey talk dis one for Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa during im first diplomatic waka to Africa as e visit di African Union headquarters wey China pay for di building.

Image example African Union headquarters for Addis Ababa

According to am, "no be say America dey try to keep Chinese money out of Africa but e dey important for African countries to take dia time carefully think about di terms of those agreements make dem no lose dia sovereignty."

Di US secretary of state warn say danger dey for any Africa country to lose control of infrastructure or resources if dem fail to repay back di loan.

According to China Africa Research Initiative (CARI), from 2000 to 2015, di Chinese government, banks and contractors don give $94.4 billion worth of loans to African governments and state-owned enterprises (SOEs).

From 2000 to 2015 Angola na im receive di highest Chinese loans, with $19.2 billion over 15 years, dis na roughly fifth of all Chinese loans.

For 2015, African countries wey don receive loan well-well from China na Uganda, Kenya, and Senegal.

Tillerson for dis week bin criticise "China approach" to Africa.

E say China dey encourage Africa to depend on dem through contracts wey no dey clear and to give loan wey go make Africa dey under dem.

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