Lawyers react to £700,000 prison wey UK wan build for Nigeria

UK wan pay for £700,000 prison wing inside Nigeria. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example UK wan pay for £700,000 prison wing inside Nigeria.

'Na just way to troway dia problem to somebody else'.

Dat na wetin Lawyer Francis Obaseki tell BBC News Pidgin as im dey react to di news of di £700,000 wey United Kingdom wan spend arrange 112-bed flat inside di kirikiri prison for Lagos, Nigeria.

UK announce say dem go pay for di building for one of Nigeria biggest prison to make am dey easy and quick to transfer Nigerian prisoners from British jails go complete dia sentence for there.

Obaseki say di idea make sense for di UK but e no make any sense for di legal system inside Nigeria: "How somebody go thief fowl for Lagos dem go come put am for prison inside Benin republic?"

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Image example Berwyn prison for Wrexham, Wales

For human rights activist Livingstone Wechie, dis plan good because e go make di family members of di prisoners wey bin dey UK prison to fit see and visit dem wen dey finally transfer dem back to Nigeria.

E say dis na question of prisoner transfer agreement wey di two countries don sign since 2014.

"Di only problem wey go dey there be say di prisoners from UK go dey better prison pass those wey don already dey Nigerian prison. Dis fit come lead to fight if other prisoners find out say UK own dey enjoy pass dem," im talk.

"Di lesson wey dis fit teach Nigeria be say, make dem learn to dey care for prisoners just like UK dey do."

Image example Human right activist Livingstone Wechie want make Nigeria government learn from di way UK dey treat prisoners

For Barrister Adebola Adeyemi, she no see how dis plan go work.

"As corruption still dey worry for Nigeria, if to say na di UK go build am demself e go dey good but if dem just transfer di money just like dat, e fit enter one official pocket."

"Di bad thing be say already our prison dey over populated, no good food, no better management".


Dis project na di result of agreement wey UK and Nigeria bin get say if court send person wey bi citizen of di oda country go prison, na im country im go go do im prison time.

So for instance, if Nigerian wey dey live for UK find imsef for wrong side of British law, and im dey guilty, na UK government responsibility to send dat person come Nigeria - to come serve im time for one of di new 122 prison rooms for kirikiri maximum prison. If na British person dem find guilty for Nigerian court, di government go need to find way to send di person back to UK.

But some questions dey wey pipo need to ask demsef. Who dis new arrangement pay sef? Nigeria, wey go suddenly need to find money to use take care of 'new, obodo' prisoners? Or dat British citizen wey go dey happy say im no dey Nigeria prison but 'beta' prison for im country. At least e go easy for im family to come visit am.

Anoda thing to know be say na companies from UK go build dis prison extension for Nigeria because na dem bid for di job and na based on dat na im UK government take settle on cost of £700,000. Many go expect say di quality go beta pass di kain 'cell' wey already dey dia.

E for pay if di construction money enter di Nigeria economy.

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