Dear women, how many special Days una get for one year?

Woman dey do taekwondo for Kenya Image copyright Getty Images
Image example As part of dem jolly on top International Women Day for Kenya dem display women wey dey fight taekwondo

E dey common to hear pipo, most times men ask: "No be now now una bin celebrate Women's Day? Which one come be dis one again?"

Dat kwesion dey normally come wen e do dem like say one celebration or di oda for women no dey finish, from month to month.

But na true? Well, dis na how celebration calendar for women be.

International Women's Day - March 8

Dis one na United Nations day to celebrate women for world in general. E bin start for di US as National celebration for 1909 for 28 February. Dis na by women wey bin protest di year before on top bad working condition for New York.

Two years later, dem come celebrate di first International Women's Day for 19 March to take do I-no-gree waka for di right to vote, work and get work training.

For 1975, UN start to dey celebrate International Women's Day for 8 March.

Over di years dem don dey get theme, and dis year dia theme na "Time is Now: Rural and urban activists transforming women's lives".

Mothers Day - Second Sunday for May

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Image example Sometimes children go perform for dia parents for church

Dis one na di day wey US President Woodrow Wilson bin approve for 1914 say e go be public holiday to celebrate mama dem.

For Nigeria, dem dey mostly celebrate di day for church wey children go dey sing for dem parents. E fit be reason why dem decide to join bodi with America to celebrate dem mama dat day.

Mothering Sunday - Fourth Sunday in Lent - 11 March 2018

Dem dey celebrate dis one for di fourth Sunday of Lent. E start for olden days wen girl pikin dem wey bin dey work as servants, go take day off to go visit dia mother and family.

Today, pikin dem dey give gifts to dia mothers to take mark di day.

International Day for di Elimination of Violence against Women - 25 November

Dis na another International Women's Day but na to comot violence against woman. Di United Nations dey call dis one say e be International Day for di Elimination of Violence against Women.

Dis na after Dominican Republic leader, Rafael Trujillo bin order say make dem assassinate di Mirabel Sisters wey bi three women wey bin dey do political activism.

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