Ghanaians get hand inside Libya slavery

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Di five-member team from di Foreign Affairs Ministry reveal say some Ghanaians be involved in di sale of slaves for Libya.

Di fact-finding team reveal say some Ghanaians dey di desert top dey work as 'Ghetto leaders.' Dem dey handle migrants who no fit pay for demma transportation from one point to di other.

Foreign Affairs Minister Shirley Ayorkor Botchway reveal as she dey answer questions for Parliament on Wednesday.

According to di Minister, di 'Ghetto leaders' who be mostly Ghanaians set up camps along di roads wey migrants dem dey travel, dem dey demand money from families from Ghana through demma partners who dey inside di country.

Once your family pay di monies dem go release you go di next town, but if dem delay di Ghetto leaders go beat you den send pictures or videos give your family. Di families now go pay monies through demma partners who usually dey Ghana.

But if di migrant or in family no fit pay di transport costs, dem dey send am to Ben Wahlid, another city for Southern Libya where dem go sell dem into cheap labour.

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"Na black people dey follow sell black people"

Dis operation by di Ghetto leaders dey go on plus demma Libyan partners.

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