Cameroon: Detainee for seka Anglophone crisis don die

Vitalis Woliem for hospital Image copyright Abine Ayah Ayah
Image example Vitalis Woliem for hospital

One detainee for di Anglophone crisis for Cameroon weh e name na Vitalis Woliem die yesterday for Central Hospital for Yaounde after weh e sick for prison.

"Vitalis Woliem die from cerebral malaria, tuberculosis", president for AAyah Foundation, Abine Ayah Ayah, weh na jurist, tell BBC News Pidgin.

"Before e die, e bi don go hospital two times, first for January and na we bi care for yi. E bi unconscious for some time and even go reanimation for two weeks, and some time dem, dey bi chain yi for bed because e bi be very violent", Ayah add.

Tori na say Woliem no recover, after e fall sick de first taim, de foundation do everything make authorities send yi for intensive care for hospital for Shisong.

But, de instead take yi back for prison. As e go back de sickness worse sotei and dey even delay laik 48 hours before dey bring yi back or hospital for seka say prison bi di need some moni, Ayah lament.

Woliem e die bodi dey just now for mortuary for e village for Kumbo for Northwest region as de family travel for night.

Woliem bi dey among de 127 Anglophones dem weh government detain'am for seka de katakata weh e bust for Anglophone regions dem.

Barrister Agbor Nkongho, weh na chairman for Centre of Human rights and Democracy in Africa, bi don sound alarm say kondengui flop with Anglophones dem and e bi say de condition dem for prison bad sotei na lock-mop.

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