Cameroon Poet di rally writers for tok about Bate Besong for social media

Bate Bissong books Image copyright Dzekashu MacViban

One Cameroon writer, poet weh e works di worry place, Bate Besong die for car accident for March 8 2007, but just now through e works dem e still di live.

For commemorate de 11 years weh Bate Besong writer and poet bi die, Dzekashu MacViban, poet, founder and editorial Director of Bakwa Magazine go di rally writers for talk about de late writer for social media.

"For mimba Bate Besong, we don start some social media campaign for create awareness for yi work, for giveaway copies of e books dem for free. We go re-publish major interview weh e do with critique for Cameroon writing", de poet tell BBC News Pidgin.

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Image example MacViban tok "we go get some writer for tok about e for social media and for website,"

Even after 11 years Dzekashu di still mimba Bate Besong with smile for corner e mop, "Ah di always mimba say Bate Besong be bi na lively person weh e bi generate energy weh e bi fit trap any man laik fly".

For pipo weh no bi know dis big taim writer, e be bi passionate not only for yi writing but for kontri, e be bi open with weti way e bi see, and e no bi di chew mop when e want tok, e bi be direct when notice thing weh e no correct.

"E bi mimba we say something dem di be wrong for seka say we no di pay attention for mistakes dem for history", Dzekashu tok.

Bate Besong be get e own kain style weh e bi make e stand out and some pipo no di understand e wrorks dem.

But as Dzekashu don read plenty for Bate Besong e work dem and as taim di pass e no get stress when e di read e work dem. For yi, de secret na for know where Bate Besong di kam from and de idea dem weh e want pass across.

Even as dis poet get e own style weh na for look inside yi and for kontri, na Bate Besong e passion for kontri be de bond weh e bi connect yi with Dzekashu.

Plenti of Bate Besong e poems dem be get small bits for pidgin inside and na so de poet check say, "pidgin na language for future though e get stigma, but na common language for market and masses".

For 2011 Dekashu publish e poetry collection and now e di work for novel and short story collection-story dem weh dey don publish'am for international literary magazines.

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