"I drink poison when I see say I don blind"

Disable protest
Image example Godstime Onyebulam na im be dey oga of Association of Physically Challenged Applicants

Since Godstime Onyebulam finish University come do masters degree eight years ago, e never fit get job.

Every morning e go carry im file enter street to look for work but e be like say luck no dey im side, and even where work dey available, dem go tell am say e no qualify or send am comot for dia office.

Im only crime according to am be say im dey blind and since den na so e dey suffer from hand to mouth.

Im say "I drink poison when I see say I don blind".

But no be only Godstime dey face dis kain palava, plenty oda people living with disability for di country dey see helele on top employment.

Because of dis discrimination, Godstime come form Association of Physically Challenged Applicants to talk about dia problem.

For Friday 9 March, di group carry protest go Nigeria National Assembly for capital Abuja to hala for lawmakers about dia problem.

"Dem dey see us as rubbish. If you enter dia office to look for job di way dem dey treat us no good. We want to work, earn our own money instead of to beg."

Image example Dem camp for National Assembly gate block am to ensure say lawmakers chook mouth for dia matter

We dey suffer emotional and psychological problem join'

Many of those living with disability wey talk to BBC pidgin say di discrimination wey dem dey face on top job from both government and private organisation dey affect dem to live normal life.

Chinomso David study History and e say since e graduate, e never fit get job and dis one don make life difficult for am and even to eat three square meal na helele.

No be for job area only wey di disable men dey face discrimination. Many of dem say because dem no get money dem no fit find women to love and marry.

38-year-old Okokpujig Omohogbe say most women wey dem dey jam go just play with dia heart, chop dia small hustling money and run away.

Image example Dia main concern be say government suppose torchlight dia job palava

Godstime say di protest na to make lawmakers chook eye on top di country law wey dey give dem only 2 percent for employment.

Senator Obinna Joseph Ogba wey be Chairman Senate committee for youth and sports, wey receive dem for National Assembly say why dem no get job na because government no dey employ for now because money no dey.

But Godstime say di senator word no give dem hope at all as dem believe say di Civil Service Commission dey employ new people for di past few months but no dem consider dem wey dey disable.

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