DR Congo don do strong thing to big mining companies

DR Congo dey produce more dan 60% of cobalt for di world Image copyright AFP/GETTY
Image example DR Congo dey produce more dan 60% of cobalt for di world

Di Democratic Republic of Congo don arrange ground to add tax money to companies wey dey do mining for country.

President Joseph Kabila sign di new mining code as law on Friday.

Ontop of tax, royalties (government settlement money) go also increase.

Di international companies wey dey work for DR congo no like dis mata at all.

DR Congo na di biggest producer of natural minerals like copper and cobalt (wey dem dey use for phone battery).

Foreign companies no like di law at all as dem say e go affect dia profit.

Plenty of dia oga dem bin fly enter Kinshasha, Congo capital say make make President Kabila change e mind but dat one no happen.

Reuters bin talk say some of wetin di phone oga people tell di president be say, di new tax law fit spoil future investment mata plus all di agreement wey dem bin don sign before-before.

No be today, wey DR Congo say dem wan change dia mining law wey don dey ground since 2002.

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