Woman don free after 15 years for prison for abortion

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Image example Maira Figueroa wan go study law to "understand wetin happen" to her and how she fit "helep other women."

One woman for El Salvador don finally free after she stay 15 years for prison because she do abortion.

Maira Verónica Figueroa Marroquín bin get release after she serve 15 out of di 30 years wey Court for di kontri bin give her sake of she kill her unborn pickin.

Na taboo for woman to abort for belle for El Salvador because most people for di kontri na serious Roman Catholic.

But Figueroa say she dey innocent of di accuse because di pickin bin die for her belle. But dem still send her go prison for 2003.

she say she dey happy to finally come back to he family.

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Image example Figueroa almost spend half of her life for Women Rehabilitation Centre

Abortion na taboo

El Salvador na one of di few kontires for world wey no dey tolerate abortion at alland na serious punishment for anybody wey commit.

Di punishment na from eight years to more than thirty years if di pickin die.

Doctors for dia must report any woman wey dem think say try to remove belle. If dem no report am, dem to go go jail.

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