13.5 million Senators allowee no dey sustainable-NLC

Di allowee never be part od dia salary Image copyright STRINGER
Image example Nigeria Labour congress say di money wey senators dey collect too much

Nigeria Labour Congress say di 13.5 million naira wey senators for Nigeria dey collect as allowee no dey sustainable.

Di Secretary-General of NLC, Peter Ozo Esan say e dey shameful for country wey di minimum monthly salary for ordinary workers be 18 thousand naira only, senator dey collect dis kain huge money. im disappointed on top dis kain plenty money wey senator di collect for di country wen di salary of ordinary worker be just 18 thousand naira.

explain say even though di minimum monthly salary small, most gofnors for di country neva fit pay workers salary.

Shehu Sani, Senator wey dey represent Kaduna Central Senatorial District for National Assembly bin reveal say im and im colleagues dey receive 13.5 million naira monthly as running cost and

dis one na aside salary and oda allowee dem.

"Di issue of how much wey Nigerian legislators dey collect as allowee don dey our mind since but we no fit do anything because dem bin dey hide am and thank God di mata don open and na real big gbege" im explain.

Mr Peter say di lawmakers dey take Nigerians do mumu as dem dey collect dis kain big money wey Nigerians worker dey die.

E explain join say di minum wage for Nigeria dey around 50 dollars and most times e no dey do workers to carry transport come work.

E say for most of di workers, dem neva fit feed themselves and dia family from dia salary and many of dem dey live below di poverty line.

E come add say with wetin Nigerian senators dey collect, di government must make sure say dem increase workers salary.

we go strategise and take necessary step to stop dis kain thing

Di secretary for NLC say dem don dey plan how dem go take to stop dis kain allowee wey senators dey collect.

Dis according to him na because di country no balance and e go bad for di country to maintain politicians with dis kain money.

E say even for now, Nigeria dey go borrow money to run di economy and ontop of dis, senators for di country dey collect dis kain big money.

"We dey call on di authority wey suppose check dis kain thing to chook eye on top dis matter and make sure say cost of governance reduce especially from di National Assembly.

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