Nigeria: Amnesty want make dem look 89 oil spill case again for Niger Delta

Man dey use stick separate water from oil for inside canoe Image copyright Getty Images
Image example For 2011, United Nations release report after dem chook eye say e go take reach 30 years to clean up Ogoni land for Niger Delta

Amnesty International don tell Nigeria government to chook eye again inside 89 case of oil spill for inside Niger Delta, Nigeria.

For new report wey dem release today, di join-bodi point finger give ogbonge oil giant dem Shell and Eni say dem no handle oil spil for di area well-well, dem say dis one dey worsen di environment crisis for di Niger Delta area.

Amnesty say dem want make Nigeria government hold dia ground ontop dia law ontop di regulation of oil mata.

If Nigeria government listen to Amnesty report, plenty community for di area go get di opportunity to hold di company dem, dem fit even sue dem say dem no compensate dem.

Amnesty talk say Shell and Eni dey lie give people with di report wey dem dey publish ontop wetin dey cause di oil spill for Niger-Delta and how much di spill be.

Dem also say di company no dey respond to some report of oil spill for di area for up to months, for one case Eni wait reach 430 days before dem respond to report of one oil spill instead of di one day dem suppose take according to Nigeria law.

Shell and Eni never respond to dis latest report but dem don deny say dia hand dey inside other report like dis one before.

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