US: Trump dey happy with former FBI oga McCabe sack

Andrew McCabe Image copyright AFP/GETTY
Image example President Trump believe say McCabe dey do partiality

Former American FBI director Andrew McCabe don chop sack some days to di time im suppose retire.

Wetin dis one mean be say im pension fit enter voicemail.

America Attorney General Jeff Sessions wey fire am talk say dem find out say im dey dash vital information and im do investigators dem wuru-wuru.

Im say dia investigation wey dem carry find out say McCabe dey tell tori people wetin im no suppose talk even after swear wey im swear, and e do am plenty times.

Meanwhile President Donald Trump dey very happy with di tori, im don first accuse Andrew McCabe say im dey side di Democrats dem.

Na so e enter Twitter to talk im mind.

McCabe bin dey under in-house investigation ontop di way wey FBI take handle two serious issue during di 2016 US presidential election - say di former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton use personal email server di time wen she be US secretary of states and say Russia help Donald Trump win di election.

McCabe step down as deputy director of di FBI since January and just dey chill till im retirement go reach before dem sack am so.

Oga Sessions wey be di head of America justice department say di sack na as a result of very thorough investigation; and no dey partial dey involved.

McCabe dan talk say everythin na lie.

Im say dem just dey target am because of im involvement inside di investigation say Russia chook mouth inside America 2016 election.

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