Ghana: XDR-Tuberculosis don show for di country

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Image example Tuberculosis na one of di deadliest disease for di world

Ghana join bodi ontop health mata don confirm say dem don record dia first case of di deadly XDR tuberculosis wey kill di victim.

Di manager of di TB Control Programme for Ghana Health Service, Dr. Frank Bonsu talk say Ghana go need leaders wey go join bodi to take fight dis dangerous disease so e no go spread enter di country.

XDR TB na serious mata because na tuberculosis wey no dey quick answer to e normal medicine and e fit take up to two years before oda medicine dey work for am.

Wetin you suppose know about XDR TB

According to world join bodi ontop health mata, World Health Organisation, one inside three people all over di world get TB germs wey no dey active and na only wen di germ dey active e dey lead to TB. sickness.

Dis bacteria dey come alive if person body no strong, im dey sick with sickness like HIV, old age or some other sickness dem.

Dem fit treat TB wit drug wey dem dey call first line anti-TB drug, if dem no use di drug dem well, e fit lead to multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB).

Second-line drug na wey get plenty side effect and wey dey more expensive na im dem dey use take tream MDR-TB, and im dey take long to treat.

XDR-TB fit develop if dem mis mange dis second-line drug dem so that e no go come dey work again.

How person fit catch am?

Any person wey get TB of di lung fit spread am by coughing or talking as di bacteria dey comot dia mouth enter di air, and person only need to breathe in small of di bacteria to catch am, although sabi people still say na only small number of people go catch am.

If di person wey spread di Tb dey resistant already to di TB drug, meaning say di TB drug no fit handle am again, di bacteria wey im go spread go don dey resistant already too.

Another way wey person fit get MDR-TB or XDR-TB na wen drug no fit handle person TB again maybe because dem no control am well, dem no take dia complete treatment or when doctor prescribe di wrong treatment or wrong dose or wen di drug na fake.

WHO say XDR-TB no dey common but di be fact say dem never know how to take treat am, na im be di big problem and dat make am very dangerous.

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