Cameroon: Bibixy and Odas go appear for Military Court after two weeks

Court for Cameroon Image copyright AFP

Military Tribunal don push case for Mancho Bibixy, coffin revolution man and odas for 29 March.

"De president for Court, colonel Abega bi dey but odas assessors no dey", Barrister Louisa Songwe explain for BBC News Pidgin.

Bibixy and six odas dey Kondengui for seka de katakata weh e bost for Anglophone regions dem.

For front seat, Bibixy siddon with white top and trousers with blue sleeveless long gown on top. E wear black hat and black shoes, and de combination make e look fine.

Dey siddon for Tribunal sotei and small incident just make dem start hala.

Dey ask for water and one Warda say make deh no give dem water.

From 9:45 weh de first group for prisoner enter court till 1:00pm dey siddon, only komot go piss.

Den court officials just kam paste for notice board say deh don adjourn de case.

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