Free story books don land for school pickins for West Africa

Writers and illustrators show face for Nigeria to arrange stories
Image example Dem camp di writers for just one week to help arrange di stories for school pickins

School pickins dem for Nigeria and oda West African countries now fit get free story books for dia different local language to read.

Na di British Council make am appun as dem camp 25 writers and illustrators from different part of West Africa for Nigeria's capital Abuja, come arrange dem to write tori wey go sweet belle for pickin dem for 20 languages.

All di stories get fine-fine actors and boss and di language wey dem use dey very simple for any pickin to understand am.

Some of di language wey dem use na Pidgin, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Tiv, Fulfude and plenty odas.

Louisa Waddingham wey be Programme Director for British Council for Nigeria say dis project na to epp promote local language mata for pickin for Sub Saharan Africa and dat di stories wey dem produce go also help increase di number of young pipo wey go sabi read and write.

Ghanaian writer, Aisha Nelson say most times young pipo dey find am very hard to understand some books bcos of big-big grammar wey dey take write am.

Wit dis kain programme, pickin go fit read and learn with dia mama language wella.

Image example Di writers learn for di workshop on how to write well

Aisha tori wey be "Aku di Sun Maker" be di best one afta di project and di story na to teach young pipo say dem fit do anything even if odas no get faith for dem.

Di second best story na from Also Mohammed from Nigeria.

Im story name na "Di Drought and di River of Blessings" - dis one concin one kain year wey rain no quick fall and all di rivers for di land come dry and animals for di land come join mouth to find solution to di palava.

E say na di fight-fight and di killings for Nigeria make am write di tori.

Mohammed talk say if animals fit sit down solve dia problems, im know no why e hard for Nigerians to all dai wahala for di country.

Person wey carry third na story for Pidgin and na Mimi Werna write am.

She call am "Di Rainbow River wey get Magic Powers" and e dey about how rainbow come be wit different colours.

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Another thing we de for inside dis tori