Cameroon WWF, Roger Milla Foundation don waka for protect environment

Climate change na serious mata wey dey affect everybody for world
Image example Climate change na serious mata wey dey affect everybody for world

WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) Cameroon and Roger Milla Foundation don waka for protect environment for streets dem for Yaoundé.

Dem do dis one as dem dey arrange ground for Earth Hour.

De waka weh e start for front May 20 Boulevard end for Par Court Vita with British High Commissioner, WWF Director, Roger Milla Foundation and some 200 school pikin dem.

Earth Hour na world wake wey di WWF dey use make pipo put mind for climate change mata.

H.E Rowan James Laxton, British High Commissioner, for Cameroon tell BBC News Pidgin why e join de waka for protect environment.

Image example H.E Rowan James Laxton say make pipo take action now to save we environment

'Dis waka, weh de two foundation dem organize dey important for bring pipo dia attention for physical and animal environment. Cameroon get big taim biodiversity and e dey wandaful say make pipo di tok about future but also di take action make dat future bi wan weh we fit stay for long with nature," na wetin di British High Commissioner tell BBC News Pidgin.

Now so, dat future di fit get K-leg, de risk na say fast and any how development fit cause trouble for dat future. We get for act now for make sure say we preserve dat biodiversity for pikin dia future, di High Commissioner add.

Image example Di two foundation get mind say we pipo fit change di future

For yi, dis world na de only place weh we get for live and we get for look after and support commitment laik de wan weh Roger Milla Foundation and WWF di take for protect environment.

Jean Keller Koute, director for projects for de foundation say dey di support de campaign, di put strategy for ground for organise de sports waka.

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Image example Some pipo don talk say if man no dey careful things go hard pass dem be for environment

"De foundation plant 500 trees for five big school dem for Yaoundé, put five environment clubs dem weh de bi active, for Tombel we fix water, for Melong we visit long taim environment project and we plant 500 trees for put environment clubs for six schools for Douala".

Anoda programme na for sensitise pikin dem for schools, community, for collect plastic transform'am for small blocks for putam for school so dat mud no go dey.

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Image example Di way pipo dey cut tree anyhow for firewood don dey reduce forest and animals

Dis waka weh de two foundations organise na for start activities for Earth Hour weh WWF be start for encourage pipo and communities, business dem for quench electric light for one hour from 8:30 to 9:30pm laik commitment for planet dis moon.

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