4 reasons Nigeria comot from Africa free trade zone

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari Image copyright Getty Images

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari no go show again for di African Union Summit wey suppose hold for Rwanda dis week.

Buhari for don sign agreement wey go allow di free trade deal with Nigeria and oda African kontries.

Dem suppose use di summit take talk how dem go take arrange di Africa free trade deal.

Dis free trade deal for don make am easy for all African countries to do business together just di like di European Union but Nigeria don comot for di deal now.

E get some tins wey for don make Nigeria say dem no wan do again:

1. Nigeria Labour Unions no want - Labour Unions for Nigeria say President Buhari no follow dem yarn about di plan and dis free trade go destroy di kontri economy kpatakpata.

2. Currency wahala - Some people dey worry say di free trade deal go affect di Naira as e dey possible say dem go begin use another currency to do business with oda kontries.

3. Another worry be say dis free trade deal go open Nigeria border anyhow wey go make people dey bring anyhow goods enter di kontri.

4. Di labour unions still fear say e go make people lose dia work.

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