BBC West Africa Bureau go connect everybodi

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BBC West Africa Bureau go connect every bodi

Di BBC West Africa Bureau wey dey serve correct tori to pipo for di whole of West Africa go do di launch for Wednesday March 21 for Lagos.

Dis bureau get five language services wey be BBC English, BBC Hausa wey don dey for over 60 years, BBC Afrique wey dey give tori for French plus di new ones dem like BBC Pidgin wey start work last year and BBC Yoruba and BBC Igbo wey just start one month ago.

All dis one go get television, radio and digital production too.

Image example Di West Africa Bureau go get television, radio and digital production

Head of West Africa Languages, Oluwatoyosi Ogunseye say with dis launch wey dey happpen for Wednesday, BBC dey make history as e dey say di pipo for Nigeria and West Africa dey very important because di trust dem get for BBC to dey give dem correct tori, dem no dey take am play. Dis na wetin make dem go dey get ogbonge tori for dia own language.

Image example BBC West Africa Bureau go cover Nigeria and West Africa so dem go hear beta tori for dia own language

She say, "dis na di first time any news organization go get place wey different news in languages for Nigeria. Most of di time pipo dey broadcast for English, no news organization don broadcast for di major languages so for Nigeria we get English, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo and Pidgin, for Nigeria e neva happen like dat before so na history we dey make with dis thing say for Nigeria o, which ever language you dey speak, BBC dey here to serve you."

She say dis one don make am possible to say 'wia no dey reach before we go dey reach, di kain tori wey we no dey write before we go dey write am, di pipo wey we no dey talk to before we go dey talk to dem, and no be for only Nigeria, every body dey included."

Image example Di West Africa Bureau dey for di biggest market wey dey for BBC World service

Solomon Mugera wey be di Africa Regional Editor say di West Africa Bureau go connect all di different pipo wey dey West Africa weda dem dey speak French or English.

Im say dem think well to put di bureau for Lagos as na im be di biggest market wey BBC World Service get.

Im say 'With the Hausa, Yoruba Igbo and pidgin service, BBC dey service di local pipo and as Nigeria get 170million pipo, dat one na 170 million different tori wey BBC get to tell and we get work to do.'

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