Dis Ghanaian dey recycle plastic into blocks wey fit last 500 years

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Di pavement blocks wey go last 500 years

Den en kids dey laugh am sake of dem no understand why he dey burn plastic waste for metallic drum inside, instead of say he go play plus dem.

He make wild say he go prove give en kiddies say we for stop dey mess up wanna surroundings plus plastic waste, Nelson Boateng go carry scrap metals, electric cables den motors parts den take build en own plastic recycling machine.

Across Africa, communities dey devise new approaches wey dem dey take manage di plastic waste. For Ghana, dis former factory hand for Ashaiman, dey use dis all new innovation for di country recycle all plastic waste for di roads den landfill sites into pavement blocks.

Di pavement blocks be 12-inch square in size wey he use 60% plastic waste den 40% sand manufacture am.

Image example Dis pavement na from plastic and recycle material dem use build am

In 2017, he build en own recycling machine from scrap metal, electrical wires and motors, 8 months after he start operations he dey collect den recycle almost 2000 kg plastic waste fromn en Ashaiman areas.

Now, he dey employ 68 direct staff den get about 500 plastic waste collectors who dey work plus am indirectly. Mr Boateng start dey lay some of den plastic pavement blocks back for en community pavements top for free sake of dem spoil.

Image example Na dirty wey dem fit recycle dem dey use to build di block

BBC Pidgin Reporter Favour Nunoo visit di Ghanaian inventor who government of Ghana identify as a potential grant recipient for demma One District, One Factory program under.

Mr Boateng dey believe say just like en plastics dey take about 500 years before dem go start decompose, di plastic pavement blocks go fit last 500 years.

Ghana dey produce 22,000 tonnes plastic waste annually according to Trashy Bags, out of dis waste di country dey recycle only 2%. Nelson say he want lead recycling revolution for Ghana make di country recycle at least 50% of plastic waste, keep di environment clean den create jobs give di youth.

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