BBC don launch West Africa Bureau

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Na plenty ogbonge people dem show for Lagos as BBC launch im new bureau on Wednesday 21 March.

Na time for jolly, and plenty merriment to show case di bureau wey be home to di new West Africa language service dem, BBC Pidgin, Yoruba and Igbo.

Di event na also another opportunity to tell di people wetin to expect from di new service dem.

People dem wey speak to BBC News Pidgin talk as how belle sweet dem when dem hear say BBC go start to dey do news for Pidgin.

Di Senior Special Assistant to Nigeria President , Garba Shehu wey show for di event talk say na correct idea.

"Many of our people dey speak pidgin, even for Abuja, e dey grow like wild fire, now my prayer be say make BBC bring peace for our country, make dem bring everybody together and unite di country."

Na so Garuba Shehu talk.

Di oga of local tori people Channels Television, John Momoh say im no surprise when im hear say BBC go start dey do news for Pidgin.

"I tell myself say na BBC way be dat. Many advantage go come with wetin dem do so, dem go create jobs, dem take advantage of di way everything dey go digital and all dis na to di benefit of di country."

"Now di language dem wey people no dey focus on before dey covered and many people go listen too now for dia own dialect, nothing beat say dem dey tell you local tori for langauge wey you understand and even international tori too, e dey good."

For di Public Affairs Officer of di US consulate for Lagos Nigeria, Darcy Zotter, dis na big way forward.

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BBC don launch Pidgin

BBC Yoruba & Igbo 'dey sweet for belle'

"I think say as di BBC dey do local language na big way forward because di more wey you fit do to engage and inform di public, di better and una dey use language wey be very powerful tool to reach people to inform dem."

Other people wey come also say di new language service dem go help di people tell dia own tori for di right way.

Popular comedian Julius Agwu say im hope to see more of tori wey go benefit everybody from di language service dem.

"Tori wey go appeal to everybody, di poor and common man, tori wey go concern di individual, something wey go make am feel say e go better one day."

Na so Julius Agwu talk.

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