Cameroon: CBC join pikin for ask gofment for adopt law for implement inclusive education

Disable children
Image example School pikin dem join for ring bell

Cameroon Baptist Convention CBC, Health Services don join school pikin dem from some schools dem for Yaoundé for 'We Ring the Bell Campaign', for raise alarm for government for implement inclusive education.

"We di join our voice for make de loudest noise say make government remove barrier weh e di stop pikin weh e get disability for get education, Agho nee Tsangue Glory, weh na programme Manager Empowerment and Disability, inclusive Development for CBC Health services don tok.

Pikin dem weh deh get disability, na de wan dem weh deh no fit hear, waka, see, or get some small challenge for dia mentality or intelligence, weh de deh for back for education.

"We attitude dem and de school environment di stop some pikin dem weh deh get disability for go school, because if steps dey, pikin weh e shiddon for tricycle or for wheel chair no fit pass", Agho tell gofment officials.

Image example Agho nee Tsangue Glory de program manager at CBS

CBS di join for make noise say make authorities, take beta decision, for see say if some person wan open school make deh think how pikin dem weh dey for wheel chair fit do for enter class and toilet laik other pikin dem, Agho tok.

De CBSHS official tok say make government put laws dem weh di fit protect pikin dem make deh go for school. Gofment don di do plenty for put inclusive education for 68 school dem and komot law for April 2010 for promote and protect pipo with disability, but, deh still need for do more.

Correct law dem laik adopt curriculum for way weh pikin weh deh get handicap fit learn laik pikin weh dem no get disability, and adopt law for implement de law promote and protect person with disability, na weti weh we want make gofment do, Agho tok.

If we di tok about sustainable development goals and leave some pikin dem behind for seka say deh get disability we no go reach dat target, e add.

Image example Gisèle André n'a pikin with disability but e no know

Pikin weh e get disability, Gisel Andre Noyema say make parents dem di send dia pikin dem weh deh get disability for school make teachers care and teach dem how for read and tok.

Even as, Noyema look big and laik normal pikin e brain di slow and e don stay for class one sotei tire.

Centre Regional Delegate Social Affairs, Edimo Mbappe Rachel Sylvie say Ministry of Social Affairs di do dia best for put smile for face for pikin dem with disability. Dr. Yonta Njoume, Sub-director for School Health for Ministry of Basic Education too tok how weh basic education deh compulsory for all pikin dem.

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