Cameroon: How four pikin die, odas wound for school stampede

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Image example Parent for front of school afta stampede

Cameroon witness wan wo-wo scene as pikin dem for public primary school for Ekoudou for Briqueteri quarter.

Na katakata wey cause stampede as some pickin dem mash-mash odas as dem deh fear, na im four die, and nine dey for hospital.

Alphonse Yaouga, gateman for di primary school, say di drama bi dey for school up-stairs and plenty pickin dem bi dey for steps, two big wan dem bi di drive away de wan dem weh deh no bi pay 100frs for enter, na pushing start.

De gateman bi dey for yi post and director with tears for yi eye kam call yi say pickin dem di die and before e fit ask weti question, e fall for ground.

Na so dey call some pipo for road, take send de pickin dem for hospital.

Image copyright Ndi Eugene Ndi
Image example Police and paramilitary officers for entrance for de school weh pickin dem die

After de mata, parents dem rush for kam take dia pikin dem from school, for de English section.

Secretary of State for Basic Education, Benoit Ndong Souhmet do emergency meeting with de authorities, and waka for de hospital for see how dey wan dem weh de get wound di respond.

Souhmet say gofment di pay de bills for de ones dem for Central Hospital, Chantal Biya Foundation and Yaoundé Emergency Centre.

Later for national radio e tok say gofment don give moni for families weh dia pikin dem die for prepare burial as de corpses dem dey mortuary.

Now so, gofment don close de school for do investigation for make clear how de katakata happen.

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