Facebook: 'If you dey handle our data, you gats handle am well-well'

Mark Zuckerberg bin talk say facebook go try beta make nobody dey use pipo data anyhow Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Mark Zuckerberg bin talk say facebook go try beta make nobody dey use pipo data anyhow

If you don dey follow wetin dey happen for ground, you for don hear say one company - 'Cambridge Analytica' dey collect pipo information for election mata.

Di company talk say dem go use your data to change person behaviour - as in dem go use your information wey you share to know you pass yoursef.

But di mata pass dat one because dem dey collect your data from wetin you dey share for social media like Facebook.

Facebook oga, Mark Zuckerberg open mouth today say 'sorry' to everybody say true-true Cambridge Analytica don collect dia information from dia website and dem go try every-every make dis kain thing no ever happun again.

Na like 50 million pipo dem talk say dem hack dia personal information, but maybe e pass dat one.

How e concern you

Facebook get up to two billion users from all over di world plus you.

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Image example Many pipo no get time to read all di small writing wey dey for terms and agreement

Many times you go sharpaly press 'yes' or 'agree' wen you download app and see 'Terms and Condition' but dem no dey read am well to know wetin di company or app dey do with dia information.

Some pipo dey talk say di agreement paper too long or di writing too tiny for dia eye.

Afterall nothing bad don happun to oda pipo so why bad thing go happun to you?

No be so.

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Image example Social media dey very sweet for plenty pipo but dem no even know e fit affect dem

Why be say sometimes, you go answer exam question for your Facebook profile like 'Which food you like pass?' or 'Which political party you dey support?' and den dem go give you answer.

Sometimes e go correct, some e dey wrong. But you know where all dat answer dey go? - No.

'If you dey handle our data, den you gats handle am well-well'

BBC News Pidgin talk to Seun Onigbinde wey be di oga of BudgIT wey dey use technology to change society talk say many companies no dey do well as e concern data mata.

'Many pipo no know which kain 3rd-party apps dey collect dia apps and data privacy na big thing.'

Onigbinde talk say limit suppose dey on di information wey companies dey share especially with pipo wey dey sell market.

On top terms and condition mata, im say comapnies gats make simple make pipo sharparly understand am.

Di Nigeria connection

As e be so SCL - wey be di owner of Cambridge Analytica even get hand for Nigeria 2015 general elections.

No forget say Nigeria be di largest market for Facebook inside Africa.

Image copyright PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP/Getty Images
Image example Tori be say SCL wey be di owner of Cambridge Analytica get hand for Nigeria 2015 elections

One new report from 'The UK Guardian' talk say one Nigerian billionaire give Cambridge Analytica work as dem bin dey try do re-election for Goodluck Jonathan,

Di report talk say di businessman paid like $2.8 million to do campaign to spoil President Muhammadu Buhari runs.

Tori be say Cambridge Analytica even hack enter buhari email.

SCL confam say, Cambridge Analytica say 'yes' dem do work for advert things to epp Jonathan campaign but dem no use wuru-wuru at all.

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Image example Many companies dey use di information you put for social media to send you message

Reuben Abati wey be former talk-talk person for Jonathan tell BBC say dem no get hand with Cambridge Analytica at all-all for di 2015 Nigerian Presidential campaign.

Im claims many supporters sha do dia own to eep oga Jonathan, some sef e no know.

Di mata pass Nigeria

For other Africa kontri like Kenya, Cambridge Analytica confam dey work inside dia 2013 and 2017.

Many pipo bin notice say Kenya 2017 election get plenti fake news and tori about di opposition through Facebook and Whatsapp.

Even for US, all di mata say dem hack dia 2016 general elections fit get di hand of Cambridge Analytica and dem don dey sue di company make pipo know wetin true-true happun.

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