Today Tori: Spain arrest popular Nigeria DJ wey force girls to prostitute and Cambridge Analytical do Facebook strong thing

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Image example Some of di girls wey dem rescue be small-small girls

Spain don arrest popular Nigerian DJ wey dey force girls to do prostitution

Police for Spain don arrest one popular Nigerian DJ plus including 89 oda gang members wey dey force girls to do sex work for di country.

Dem rescue 39 women and girls wey one bad gang smuggle from Nigeria, come force dem to do prostitution to pay $37,000 gbese.

Tori be say di DJ dey help move di girls to Spain and arrange runs for dem all over di kontri.

Dem catch am as e dey fly back to Spain after e go do music video.

But dem neva tok who dis pesin be.

Facebook: 'If you dey handle our data, you gats handle am well-well'

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Image example Mark Zuckerberg bin talk say facebook go try beta make nobody dey use pipo data anyhow

If you don dey follow wetin dey happen for ground, you for don hear say one company - 'Cambridge Analytica' dey collect pipo information for election mata.

Di company talk say dem go use your data to change person behaviour - as in dem go use your information wey you share to know you pass yoursef.

But di mata pass dat one because dem dey collect your data from wetin you dey share for social media like Facebook.

Facebook oga, Mark Zuckerberg open mouth today say 'sorry' to everybody say true-true Cambridge Analytica don collect dia information from dia website and dem go try every-every make dis kain thing no ever happun again.

Na like 50 million pipo dem talk say dem hack dia personal information, but maybe e pass dat one.

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Dapchi girls: 'Make una follow una dreams' - President Buhari

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Image example President Buhari say dem go make sure say dem release di remaining Chibok girls

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari don advise di Dapchi girls to follow dia dreams without fear.

Im talk dis one when dem carry di girls go meet am for capital Abuja.

Im come assure dem say dem go dey safe and government dey do everything to rescue di remaining Chibok girls and oda Nigerians wey militants kidnap.

Di President say, 'to di students wey dem rescue, we wan assure una as our daughters say make una feel free and pursue una dreams for Nigeria without any fear of violence.

"While parents of Dapochi girls dey rejoice say dey don get dia pickins, I wan appeal to di Chibok community make dem no lose hope."

Cameroonian film maker Nkanya Nkwai say 'fine film na message'

Cameroonian film maker and actor, Nkanya Nkwai don tok say fine film na message as e di drop new baby for market.

"You fit do big movie and pipo no go receive'am well for seka say de message no fine", Nkanya Nkwai tell BBC News Pidgin before premier for e new film, 'A good time to divorce'.

Beta taim for separate marriage, na tori for retired chief weh e deny for divorce e woman.

Na US go first see di film for seka na opportunity for push de film for international community, Nkwai tok.

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