Lagos: Monkey don pursue pipo comot for house

Monkey de wey dey on top wire fence Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di pipo say di monkey even know food wey dem put poison because dat kain food dem no go touch am

Monkey don pursue pipo for Soluyi/Sosanya Community for Gbagada, Lagos State comot for dia house.

Chairman of di landlord association Adigun Olaleye tell NAN say dem no fit control di monkey again as no be today dem start to dem come but now de no fit endure again as di monkey dem dey spoil window, door, food wey dey house and oda things.

One tori person wey dey live dia, Mrs. Funmilola Gboteku say monkey don pursue her family comot sam-sam.

She say , 'many times dis monkey dey come dey come destroy our property. Once dem see food inside your house na so dem go by force ena your house, tear mosquito net sef den eat anything dem see inside di house.

I come change di nets dem sotay I don tire. If we lock di windows, air no go enta and we go suffer for heat.'

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Di monkey dem dey by force enta house spoil things and even chop any kain food dem see

Oda pipo wey dey live dia say dem don try many ways to pursue di monkey dem but e no work and some times di monkey dey attack dem sef.

One woman wey try to pour chemical for di monkey come fall inside di chemical dem get to carry her go hospital.

Anoda man wey try to catch one get wound as di monkey scratch im face.

Dem dey beg government to come helep dem.

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