Kenya hospital don do anoda mistake, dis time na CS operation

Doctors dey work for Kenyatta National Hospital Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Doctors for Kenya dey strike to protest why authorities go suspend di doctor wey do brain surgery for di wrong patient before dis one come happen

E don happen again for Kenyatta National Hospital KNH as dem don make anoda mistake afta di brain surgery mistake wey dem bin do before.

Dis time na for caesarean section operation wey dem do for one woman wey born twins.

Local tori pipo report say di woman Susan Nekesa waka go hospital for January 5 to go born, dem come do CS for her.

Wahala start as her belle swell up after di CS, come dey pain her sotay she no fit talk.

Wen dem complain about di situation, di doctors admit say dem do mistake. Dem come carry her go back to di operation room

Her husband, Robert Sitati say, 'dem no do di operation well. Small portion of her small intestine, like 50cm dey outside di chamber wey e suppose dey.'

To help di mata, doctors come comot di affected part of di intestine, come remain small opening wey dem dey call 'stoma' to allow her pass stool through bag wey dem dey call colostomy bag.

As dem dey battle dat one, one of dia twins come die.

Nekesa say dem tell her say her pickin get hole for heart but person for di hospital say di pickin choke ontop milk, say di person wey feed di pickin no get experience.

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Image example After doctors go strike because dem suspend doctors wey make mistake for brain surgery, dem don do anoda mistake for CS operation

Now di family dey stranded for di hospital as di hospital dey beg dem to get patient because no consultant dey to attend to her.

Di registrars and senior doctors don dey strike after dem suspend dia colleague dem wey do brain operation for wrong patient.

Nekesa husband say di hospital warn dem say make dem no go anoda hospital because na him go carry di hospital bill if dem comot from KNH.

Nekesa dey for desperate situation, dey hope against hope say she go see her pickin dem.

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