Why US and Europe expel Russian officials

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Image example US say you attack our friends, you pay di consequences wey go follow

US expel 60 Russian diplomats sake of di nerve agent attack wey happen for UK.

Washington say dem be spies, including di ones wey dey work for United Nations office.

14 European Union (EU) members sef follow comot Russian diplomats wey dey dia kontri, even Ukraine wey no be EU member sef say dem dey expel 13 Russians diplomats and Canada comot four.

Germany, France and Poland each dey comot four diplomats wey get intelligence background, while Lithuania and the Czech Republic say na three dem go comot and Denmark, Italy and the Netherland dey comet two each.

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Image example EU countries dey join body for di sanctionh against Russia as all dem be allies

EU President Donald Tusk for Varna, Bulgaria say, 'as direct follow-up to di decision wey European Council take to react to Russia as one, 14 member states don decide to expel Russian diplomats.'

Di UK don already comot 23 Russian diplomats sake of di nerve agent wey kill former spy Sergei Skripal and im daughter Yulia for Salisbury. Russia too don remove di same number of British diplomats for dia country too.

US dey close di Russian consulate wey dey Seattle as part of dia package for di sanction wey dem dey do in solidarity with dia closet allies.

Russia say dem too go do Washington back as UK neva present one single fact to prove say Moscow na im poison Sergei Skripal and im daughter Yulia.

Di 28 EU state bin don give statement say dem agree say Russian dey responsible for di Sergei Skripal and his daughter for March 4 and dem don order di recall of di bloc ambassador to Moscow.

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