India elephant wey dey smoke dey confuse experts

Elephant smoking coal
Wetin we call dis foto,

E be like say di elephant dey smoke charcoal from fire wey dey ground and dey blow ash comot.

Video wey show elephant dey blow ash comot like cigar for India dey confuse animal sabi pipo for world.

Vinay Kumar, wey be scientist for Wildlife Conservation Society India, bin shoot di 48 second video during im waka for Nagarhole forest wey dey Karnataka state for April 2016.

Kumar tell BBC say, di reason why im no show di video till now be say, im no know say di video na serious something.

Sabi pipo say dem no sure why di elephant dey blow ash.

Wildlife Conservation Society for India talk say, ''Dis na di first time anybody go do video wey show elephant dey behave dis kain way and e dey confuse scientists''.

'Charcoal smoking'

Kumar talk say im dey with im team for one early morning when im see di female elephant begin dey shoot am with camera.

E say ''Wetin we see that day be like di elephant dey smoke, she dey carry tree with ash close to her mouth, come dey blow smoke comot''.

Elephant scientist Varun R Goswami wey don see dis video believe say di elephant dey smoke wood charcoal.

Goswami talk say "Charcoal dey get ingredients of some kain medicine, e fit no sweet for mouth but animals fit like am because of things e dey do for di bodi".