Lagos: We don report di monkey mata but government no answer us - Sosanya pipo

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Di pipo say monkey wey dey trouble dem pass ordinary thing, make government helep dem

You buy food stuff keep for house, you come back one day, food scatter for ground, Monkey don break window steal food. Dis na di palava wey dey face some pipo for Lagos.

'Monkey dey trouble us too much', dis na wetin Gabriel Wopariwa tell BBC Pidgin about di monkey dem wey dey worry dem for Sosanya Gbagada for Lagos State.

Im say 'if you put food for house and you no close door well, na so monkey go enter chop di food.'

Image example Soluyi and Sosanya na area wey don dey develop as pipo dey build house for wia village dey before.

Wopariwa say some of dem don report for Kosofe local government council before but nothing happun.

Dem dey beg state government to comot all di monkey as dem don dey attack pipo now.

Di monkey bin attack one man wey drive dem because dem carry im coconut and di wound land di man for hospital

Image example Di Soluyi area just dey develop as bush bin dey di area before and dem bin dey see di monkey dem as dem dey for trees. Na now dem don dey worry pipo

Chief Akin Adedoyin don live for Soluyi since 1985. Im say, when di place be village di monkey dem dey stay for trees and dem dey see dem but now wey di area don dey develop, dem dey hear complain.

Na for one man house di monkey dem plenti for di area and pipo dey wonda weda im dey train di dem.

Image example As di area dey develop di monkey dem no get place to stay again as dem don cler most of di bush and canal sef

Anoda area person, Joshua Okeke, dey wonda weda dem be human monkey sake of di way dem dey cordinate demsefs.

Im say, even if you put poison for food set for dem, dem no go chop am. Im say di monkey dey friendly with small small pickins and e dey play with dem but e dey aggressive with big pipo.

Di monkey get time wen dem dey come out for morning around 6 -8 am and den for evening time around 5 pm dem go begin comot dey look for food.

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