Cameroon music star Richard Kings say e music na for helep pipo

Richard Kings

Richard Kinga, weh deh know yi as Richard Kings, song writer, guitarist and performer say e music na for change pipo dia lives.

De young musician weh e join anoda star Charlotte Dipanda for sing anthem for 2016 Women Nation Cup, di sing for youths dem, di sensitise dem say make deh tolerate each oda.

"Pipo fit dance oda music dem, but when deh di kam for ma concert, deh get for know say na for get message weh e go change dia life and pikin dia own", Richard Kings tell BBC News Pidgin.

Dis musician don sabi mix grass-field Nso folk tales with soul music for get fine blend weh e put'am for international community. E perform two taim for United Nations general assembly for international day for stop slavery, di use e unique voice for tok about something dem for society.

De kain music weh ah di sing, "Must make sense-make pikin dem go school, make pikin dem no die for Aids and make we protect environment make e no go laik sansan make na green tree dem dey".

Na de reason weh Richard kings join anoda musician Bonzyz for komot song for seka say e di sing about protect pikin dem, especially de girl child and environment.

"You born pikin you go waka show'am, for papa mama and anty dem, put'am for social media, make concert, charity di start for house and den we go go for white-man kontri.

Dis musician e plan now na say year no go pass weh e no komot album and as e tok, when thing dem di hard music di make your skin and heart di cool.

Before de song weh e sing with e kombi, Richard Kings don release album dem like 'Shine the Light, Melody Agora, Triple Heritage'.

E don receive award for best contemporary World Music Performer for 2014 for Seattle Town Hall and Best Folk Song Singer for Grass-field records for Holland.

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