'Nigeria Gofment dey treat us like animal' - Abuja traders

Gwoza market

Di popular Gwoza market for Abuja, Nigeria get as e be now after government scatter tins dia.

Di market no make sense again after Abuja Metropolitan Management Council enter di market come scatter am destroy many of di small-small building dem.

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Traders say dem no get anywhere to go.

Some traders with sorrow for dia heart dey try pick dia remaining load from ground after.

Dia pain dey show for dia face as dem gather under di tree near di market to wonder how dem go chop.

Many of di traders say dem don lose everything wey dem work for for dia entire life, dem say AMAC dey collect revenue from dem but dem no fit build dem better market to sell dia farm produce dem.

Since 1983 wey di market dey na im Gbagyi women don dey sell dia farm produce to make small-small chop money for dia family.

Sarah Utah be one of di women dem, she don dey sell dia for fifteen years and di money wey she dey make na im she carry sponsor her pickins for school. She say gofment don scatter di only way she dey take chop.

"Because we be minority, gofment no even inform us, dem just enter our market, destroy our kaya."

Na so she talk.

Image example Market pipo like dis old mama say dem loose everything we dem get for di demolition

Bitrus Beauty say even though na dem get Abuja, gofment just dey treat dem like animal and violate dia rights

"Now wey dem don damage our village market, where dem want make we sell?

"Na from dis market we dey get our house rent, school fees and even money to go hospital", she explain

Image example Dis man say im loss about 1 million naira

Why we attack Gbyagi youth for Gwoza market

Di oga of Abuja Metropolitan Management Council, Murkta Galadima say dem demolish di Gwoza market because every market day, traders dey enter di major high way dey cause wahala.

Wen we ask am why e no inform di local pipo before dem demolish di market, e say dem be don hold meeting with di village council but di chief say dem no tell dem anything.

Image example Di Abuja Metropolitan Management Council wey destroy di market say dem no fit pay compensation

And even di local government chairman for di area, Abdullahi Candido, say im no know about di demolition.

Galadima come explain give say wen im pipo enter di market, di youth for di area dey throw stone at dem, na so dem come call for more security officers to fight dem back.

Dem wound three pipo and di vex di area boys sotay dem come protest block di airport road.

Image example Traders say security pipo just dey shoot gun for air and beat dem as dem dey demolish di market

We don try solve di problem

Di Minister of di Federal Capital, Muhammad Bello don give anoda land for di Gbagyi pipo make dem use do dia market.

Di area far from where dem dey before and no market facility dey dia.

And di women traders say dem dey fear to go di area if security no dey ground.

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